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  1. - Spotlight on Citra

    If you’ve popped into Oaka at The Mansion House before, you’ll probably know how delicious Citra is. If you haven’t tried it then have a read. (Those that drink it are still allowed to read on. Knowledge = power).

    The Citra hop that we throw into our beer comes all the way from the Yakima Valley in Washington state, USA. The hop was originally presented at the World Brewing Congress in August 2008 and soon went into Sierra Nervada’s Torpedo Extra IPA. Not long after this though, general beer wizard, John Bryan from Oakham Ales, was returning from the states with his hands full of Citra hops making Oakham the first brewery in the UK to commercially brew with it.

    And the taste? Firstly there’s the smell. You’re going to get pungent aromas of lychee, passion fruit and more. If you make it past this stage then there’s flavours of grapefruit, lime and more tropical fruits. Although I haven’t experienced it in reality, I imagine this is what falling into an Olympic swimming pool sized fruit salad would feel like. Try not to salivate on your keyboard.

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